Gender Vectors

Gender Vectors is an educational game that teaches the user compassion and understanding regarding micro-aggressions experienced by transgender youth today. This game is meant to translate empathy to the player via an emotional journey of a teenager questioning their identity. Gender Vectors also provides real life resources available for transgender folks of all ages throughout the city of Vancouver. 

Sound Design for Prototype

We are a team of 3 we take on multiple roles to accommodate our partner's vision. As the game's designer, I knew the sound would be vital to enhance the game's emotional content. Within this game, you play as Aja, a trans-youth. The sound bites are extremely important to create a relatable teenage experience. Due to a short schedule time, each actor was recorded separately. I directed all the actors as well as edited the sound clips. I employed different improv techniques during the recordings and quickly learned audio editing software to make the scenes sound more like a conversation.

Design Solutions

Here is an example of a general structure of dialogue we received from our partners to create a game level. Though the script was detailed, it had gaps in terms of game design. It also did not accommodate to the team's lack of resources. I read through the scripts and create edits and suggestions that maximize the team's efforts while keeping the essence of the scenes intact and creating a sense of agency within the player.


Translating the script and the script edits into a visual reality, I create the storyboards to break down elements within the game. These storyboards help both the team's artist and the team's developer envision the game's general structure; necessary key moments; and the ideal look and feel.