Using character stereotypes pulled from particular female archetypes, the artists collaborated to create a film they never planned to make. Filling the space with the remnants of the film shoot, each scene revolves around the same unnamed, anonymous character. The artists created object directed sets that were absent of any human presence. The artists presented two rooms: a stage room filled with 5 different sets (Workplace) and a backstage area for the props, research information, used materials, and craft services (The Backstage).

The film set below is a collaboration between Liz Moy and Marina Roselli. Questioning what elements makes an outdoor versus and indoor space, the two artists set out to make an environment between the two. Creating a scene of unease, the artists pulled from science-fiction and horror films as well as theatrical productions.

The 4 Sets

All artists created their own set addressing a different point in the protagonist's life. Each artist provided a specific floor texture and various prop pieces to elevate the different rooms. Playing with the idea of physical space in general, Liz and I specifically created the outdoor scene to contrast the other artists' sets.  

The Stage

Highlighting the performative and theatrical nature of the exhibition, the artists rented a curtain and built floor lights to reference the stage and theatrical production.

The Auromas

The artists wanted to heighten the audience's experience by creating a multi-sensory journey. We constructed hollow soap bottles with dark, musky and forest auromas.

The Dimension Door

Taking from sci-fi and horror, the artists built a "portal" to another world. This eerie, painfully slow pan of a hallway helped tricked the audience to buy into the production.